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Headache & Migraine Links

Ayuverdic headache treatment - Ayurvedic Health Center Online
Understanding Headache - American Council for Headache Education - good!
Headache & migraine Q&A - very informative FAQ on headache and some on migraine.
Headache care network - info on chronic daily, cluster, tension headache and migraine.
Head Pain Accociation of Michigan - FAQ on headache - good!
Headache - National Institute of Neurological Disorder and stroke - extensive info and FAQ.
Headache - from point of view.
National Headache Foundation - covering over 20 types of headache
RxMed migraine - brief notes on migraine.
Headache & migraine medication - Drugs used for treatment.

Medical Student

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Migraine - describes the current method of diagnosing and treating various types of headache.
Headache case studies - 7 cases with answers, Medical College of Wisconsin.


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