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Menopause Links  

Menopause Online - Up to date info on menopause
Menotimes - Symptoms of menopause and Q&A
Basic facts about menopause - North American Menopause Society
Menopause FAQ - 9 questions and answers. The Foundation for Better Health Care
Understanding Estrogen & Progesterone
Continuous Hormone Replacement Therapy after menopause - FAQ on HRT.
Hormone Therapy: Should you take it? - the pros and cons of taking HRT.
What Can I Do About Hot Flashes And Night Sweats? 
Menopause: A women's transition - St. Luke's Health Watch. - menopause newsgroup
Menopause mailing list - Atlanta Reproductive Health Center

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy - treatment after menopause.


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