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Online Medical Journal

For a comprehensive listing of medical journal websites, visit MMRL, be warned though that most of them are not free online journal. There are many nagging features like time-limit (free until x/x/1998), requiring registration with or without $$ (filling long online forms), not in HTML format (require Adobe Acrobat Reader etc.), abstracts only (purchase the full text) or funded by  drug companies (loads of banner ad). To save your time online, visit only the links below which do not require registration and completely hassle-free.


British Medical Journal (BMJ)- online edition, weekly subscription by email also available, free!!
Annals of Internal Medicine - American College of Physicians. | back issues |
Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center - bi-monthly publication since Sept/Oct 95.
Journal of American Medical Association
Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) - in English and French.| back issues |
Digital Journal of Opthalmology - case histories with answers, also past issues.


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