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Other free resources:-

  • Nonags - 'Special' site for downloading software and shareware. Most  'free' software are not really free. They are either time-limited, buttons disabled, save-disabled or displaying annoying messages etc.....etc.  Nonags  display only hassle-free software and list them under many categories.....
  • CNET - A very good resource for the latest news in Information Technology.
  • Tripod - Free 2 mb space for your homepage. If you want more, 10 mb at $18 (6 months with those annoying advertisement) or $36 (6 months without ad).
  • Geocities - 2 mb for your homepage for free...
  • MCP - Macmillan official site. More than 120 complete books to read online. Most are published by Macmillan. You have to register first (free), then choose your field of interest (make sure you choose all of them). Save every pages of the book(s) on your hard drive and read offline.

Links to Malaysian sites

  • Cikgu - Very good starting point for Teachers/Lecturers in Malaysia - by Cg. Wan Omar bin Mahmud AMN PJK.

Links for medical student

  • Under development....


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